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How To: Important Tricks On Intune Company Portal App On iOS And Android Phones To Make It Better | Revealed.

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If returning/exchanging devices then a wipe is best otherwise you can always flip primary user or use a shared device approach with no primary. Below, in Figure 3, is an overview of the Enrollment customization options and a short explanation of those customization options is described below that figure. The part that the Company Portal App plays in Conditional Access scenarios is helping end users get compliant . If you want a zero-touch deployment of your iOS devices, you should use Apple Business Manager .

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. You can also create different branding options and deploy it on specific groups. This give granularity if you want to customize different options. If you’re familiar with SCCM, this is similar to Client Settings. Office Online applicationsare assigned using the licensing controls available in theM365 Admin Center. We will never share or sell your data with third parties.

Enrolling Users¶

Intune is an online management and security service for all kinds of end-user devices. Not only for Windows and macOS desktops and laptops, but also for mobile phones and tablets with the iOS and Android operating system. Government organisations can use Intune to centrally register personal and business mobile devices, and to encrypt the personal data on the devices. Organisations can also use Intune to prevent users from setting their devices to an insecure mode, and completely or selectively wipe the device if it is lost. Microsoft Intune provides a user roll called the Device Enrollment Manager.

For Android 10 we need to use Android Enterprise to start managing our Android devices. The next step will show the profile completing the enrollment/setup. Please tap on “Accept” to allow the profile to install. The next screen will provide you some information regarding what will occur on your device including requiring encryption and allowing permission to the work profiles. You now can enter your email address and network password.

Minio Launches Trio Of Enterprise Management Features

For our post, let’s create a Wifi connection profile for our users so they get to access to your Wi-Fi network without configuring it. This is just an example, you can create a configuration profile for many other different settings. When a user is installing an iOS/iPadOS application from the Company Portal they will receive a prompt.

  • Administrators can also disable logins to make sure the user can’t login, unless the account is re-enabled.
  • You get an overview of the steps which will be taken to setup the device with a Work profile.
  • Not sure why this CA was impacting your scenarios.
  • Click the Scope tab to specify Mac computers on which the Company Portal app should be installed.You may also use the smart computer group created in step 3.
  • The server name and your user name are already filled in.
  • Only MAM is added for users in that group when they workplace join personal device.

For this post, using Microsoft Graph and Power Automate, I have automated end user email notifications after an end user has enrolled a device. The Power Automate runs every hour and will send a mail to the end user who enrolled the device within the hour of the last time the Power Automate process ran. Once the user uninstalls the restricted apps, the device will be back in compliance and fall off the devices with restricted apps report in about an hour.

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